LOL (yes Laugh Out Loud) for great natural pictures! 

My photography style is creative fun and quirky, if I can get people to laugh the pictures always look natural and fun. There are times when it only makes sense to be a fly on the wall and times where one needs to get involved to get the right pictures. Wherever possible I try not to pose and use humour it doesn’t matter whether your laughing at me or with me… as long as you’re laughing, we’re bound to get great natural looking pictures!

Creative photography is my thing!

A rebel without a cause I’ve always tried to get something a little different creating artistic pictures where possible. After getting the crimescene photos why do the same thing when if you don’t have to? If you’re into having dramatic, arty and better than average pictures then please lets chat!

Documentary isn’t the silver bullet.

I like to stay in the background where I can but there are times it just doesn’t work. I If I were to only shoot documentary we might never get a great picture of you and your mum on your wedding day because while I was shooting in the corner she had a half closed eye or you hated the expression on your face. Even worse because of all the activity the two of you barely came together? This is why I believe some posed photos are necessary

Cute just marries shoes as bride and groom walk on beach

Crimescene photos are important! 

I jokingly call the must-have photos crimescene photos, you can’t get away from them. They can verge on boring as in formal photos but as time goes by these pictures become very special. Many people captured in those pictures will not have seen each other in years and in some cases many will never be together in one spot again….  formal photos are worth getting no matter how “old school” they are.

Formal family photos at wedding